Best Things to Do In Arusha
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Best Things to Do In Arusha

Arusha is a pleasant city in Tanzania, offering many attractions! If you’re planning to visit the city, let us share with you the top things to do in Arusha.

Arusha City is settled at the base of Mount Meru. There are a lot of attractions in Arusha as it’s a gateway to several safari destinations, and to the Northeast of the city lies the highest peak in Africa—Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here is the List of the Best Things to Do In Arusha City;

Market and Curios Crafts

  • Njiro Complex
  • Natural History Museum
  • Arusha Golf Course
  • Cultural Heritage Center

Flights to Arusha

  • Kilimanjaro (JRO-Kilimanjaro Intl.), 26.9 mi (43.3 km) from central Arusha
  • Arusha (ARK), 6.7 mi (10.9 km) from central Arusha

Climb Mount Meru.

Arusha lies at the base of Mount Meru, which is a bit smaller than Kilimanjaro at 4,562m but is still a very challenging and rewarding hikeMount, Meru is a dormant stratovolcano mountain Located 70 Kilometres (43 miles) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the country of Tanzania. Typically Mount Meru Climb takes four days, but it can be done in 3 days to complete a trek to the Summit.


Mount meru Trekking

Take a canoe trip on Lake Momella.

Inside Arusha National Park, you will also find Lake Momella, where you’ll find Arusha National Park’s flamingos hanging out! Lake Momella serves as a great place to take a canoe safari

Arusha National Park Canoeing Tour

Enjoy a nature walk around Lake Duluti.

Lake Duluti is a special lake near Mount Meru. It’s in a big hole made by a volcano, and all around, there are tall rocks and lots of green trees.

Many pretty birds live here, like egrets, grey herons, kingfishers, and fish eagles. There are also colorful butterflies, monkeys, and reptiles. It’s perfect for people who like walks in nature and watching birds.

If you want, you can go on a canoe ride with a guide. From the lake, you can see Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro far away.

lake duluti

Visit the Meserani Snake Park

Whether you are on an overland truck or just stopping by on your way to or from the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater, Meserani’s campsite is an oasis in the heart of Maasai Land Tanzania. You can just relax at a fully equipped campsite. Hot showers, clean washrooms. Unwind and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature as there are over 60 species of birds that inhabit the park.

snake park


Visit the Old Boma Museum

The Original Boma was built from 1899 to 1900 to be a German military outpost for the region of Arusha. This was to keep a closer eye on the Meru and Arusha tribes, whose opposition they had just defeated in the years 1897 and 1898. It also served as an administrative office and residence for other officials of the colonial rule.

The museum is a compound that showcases the natural history, wildlife, culture, and artifacts of the Arusha region, making it the best place to visit.

Some of the important things that can be found at the museum include;

  • Artifacts from excavations of neighboring areas such as Olduvai Gorge and other dead wildlife
  • A history of the region of Arusha and its people
  • A wildlife section with photographs and taxidermy
  • An art gallery that displays the work of over 12 of the best local artists
  • Art and crafts lessons from locals including painting, drum-making
  • A mini botanical garden
  • A small pond with some of the local freshwater fish
  • A mini serpentarium
  • A mini zoo with some of the region’s rare animals such as an eagle
  • An insect section detailing some of the diseases and problems they cause
  • A taxidermy office
  • Photography of some of the local tribes

old boma

Visit the Cultural Heritage Centre

Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre is an entire complex housing a museum, art galleries, antique shops, gift shops, a cinema, a spice center, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a spa, and other cultural things

This place has a lot of info about the culture of Tanzania’s many cultural groups making it one of the best places to visit while you are in Arusha city.

cultural Heritage

Buy Precious Stones at the Tanzanite museum

Tanzanite is a stunning blue and violet gem found in Northern Tanzania. You can visit the Tanzanite Experience Museum to know its history and even buy jewelry with a certificate.

If you’re into crystals and their healing powers, Tanzanite is awesome! It’s good for the throat, third eye, and crown parts of our body energy. It helps with talking better, understanding things, and connecting with the spiritual world.

tanzanite museum

Take a Village Tour in the Usa River

Outside of Arusha, on the way to Moshi, you’ll find the busy village of Usa River (said like Oo-Sa River, not U-S-A River).

This is a great place to take a tour and learn about Tanzanian village life and the vibrant culture in this area.

usa river maasai

Party at the Bars and Clubs

Like Moshi, Arusha has a great nightlife scene and there tends to be a certain place that’s popular on a specific night of the week. For instance, if you go to Rafiki Juice Bar on Mondays, it’s usually pretty quiet, but on Wednesdays, it’s poppin’.

Some of the good places to go for partying include

  • Zeze Lounge
  • Rooftop at Grand Melia
  • The Don’s Lounge
  • Nea’s BBQ
  • Milestones Bar and Lounge

Enjoy the Local Restaurants

There are so many nice restaurants and cafes in Arusha  A few of them include:

  • Fifi’s: A popular cafe in the center of town, with salads, omelets, etc.
  • Africafe: Another cafe, with coffee, cakes, sandwiches, etc, and good wifi.
  • George’s Tavern: Greek, Italian European-style food.
  • Bravo Pizza: Great pizzas.
  • The Mulberry: Bar and restaurant, popular with locals, volunteers, and the expat crowd. They also have a good BBQ.
  • Fig & Olive: the Mediterranean, Lebanese, and Tanzanian fusion restaurant.
  • Le Patio: Restaurant, bar & nightclub serving international cuisine.
  • Pablo Picasso Cafe: This great little place serves a mix of cuisines, from pizza to curry, sushi, and burgers.
  • Khan’s Barbecue: One of my favorite places to eat is the garage by day/restaurant by night Khan’s Barbecue which serves a great selection of roasted meats (nyama choma) and accompaniments.
  • Street Food: There are lots of food stalls around town selling things like grilled chicken (Arusha has THE BEST chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life), chips mayai (chip omelet), mishkaki (meat kebabs), samosas and mandazis (deep fried donuts).
  • Machweo at Onsea House: French-style cuisine with an African twist. If you arrive before sunset, you should get nice views of the Monduli Mountains.
  • Rivertrees Restaurant: Gourmet restaurant at the Rivertrees Country Inn in the Usa River (outside of town).
  • Arusha Coffee Lodge: There are four different restaurants at this hotel, The Garden Buffet, The Grill Room, The Bistro, and Jikoni African Restaurant at Trader’s Walk.

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