Kiwoito Africa Safaris is a Local Tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer both private and group Joining safari packages. We organize different tours including, Wildlife safaris, Mountain Trekking, and Zanzibar beach holidays. Furthermore, we are extremely flexible and our tour packages are designed to meet the needs of our esteemed Guests. Our packages are categorized into budget safari, mid-range, and luxury safari. We are listed on and other many platforms

Why Choose Us?

  • Safari tour specialists
  • Professional Safari Guides
  • Years of experience
  • 4*4 Safari Vehicles With Open Roof
  • Safe traveling
  • Financial Assurance


Our professional and well-trained tour guides and company employees work together for a common cause: To provide an unforgettable holiday. With our team, you will get a first-hand experience of African hospitality. We make sure to be able to ride the continuous change of modern times through regular staff training. We implement our staff development after our customer’s different ways of life to provide a service at par with client expectations. We strive to find a balance between comfort and authentic African experience

Today, there are more than three hundred tour operators in Tanzania. It can be difficult to choose the right one. Why is Kiwoito Africa Safaris different from other companies? And why should you trust us to organize an amazing travel experience in Tanzania?

We know that a trip to Tanzania is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so our team goes the extra mile so you see not only the most animals possible but experience it all in comfort and style

In contrast to a travel agency, we do not just sell tours to Tanzania, we are directly involved in organizing expeditions to Kilimanjaro and safaris in the National Parks. We take great pride in planning excellent trips for our clients, selecting from our team of professional guides, offering high-quality brand-name equipment for Kilimanjaro expeditions and a large fleet of vehicles for safaris.

Our Promise

An exceptional experience awaits. Discover what makes Kiwoito Africa Safari Unique


Kiwoito’s pioneering spirit helps us secure exclusive locations within critical and iconic wilderness areas. With prime access to exceptional locations in some of Africa’s most celebrated areas — such as the Masai Mara, the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater, and the Selous ( Nyerere National park)— you will experience all of the breathtaking scenery and astounding wildlife that Africa has to offer.


When you travel with Kiwoito, you become part of our family. We welcome guests with genuine warmth and forge real bonds that will stay with you long after you leave camp. We care deeply about our staff and are proud to be recognized as a leader in our industry for staff welfare, training, and upskilling. Our teams show you genuine African hospitality and make sure you feel at home and taken care of when on safari with us.


You can depend on us for a wonderful safari, from our expert advice during the planning stages through to our on-the-ground team, who ensure your trip runs smoothly. Kiwoito offers a full range of safari experiences and related travel services including flights, transfers, and accommodation, backed by decades of experience. Our support teams are in place throughout the region, safeguarding your trip from any mishaps and bringing you peace of mind with our 24/7 emergency support.


We are true experts in our field of customized safaris, allowing us to show you, Africa, as no one else can. Kiwoito guides and staff are trained through our comprehensive in-house program, recognized as one of the best on the African continent. All of our staff have a genuine care for nature, coupled with an enthusiasm for sharing these wilderness areas with guests

Our Mission

Kiwoito Africa Safaris’ mission is to deliver the best quality services as a tour operator, providing a homely environment for tourists and visitors, creating mutual trust, value for money, customer satisfaction, and long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best tour operator in Africa

Our safari vehicles

Kiwoito Africa Safaris maintains a fleet of specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers providing for maximum flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing. Your private safari includes exclusive use of this vehicle with no mileage restrictions and unlimited game drives for the duration of your safari. Our spacious Stretched Land Cruisers are the most ideal safari vehicle and come equipped with a total of seven seats with seven of those seats in the back under the canvas top. Our canvas convertible tops allow you to view wildlife with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible.

Our vehicle types consist of:

•Minibuses / Safari Vans
• Safari Land Cruisers (4×4)

Minibuses, Cruisers:

Each specially adapted to meet the demands of the rugged African terrain, our safari vehicles are all fitted with:

• GPS tracking
• HF or VHF Radio Connection
• Pop-up Roof
• First Aid Kit
• Cooler Box
• Fire Extinguisher
• Tool Kit and spare tires
• Sliding windows
• 7 passenger window seats guaranteeing an unrestricted panoramic view
• 12V cigarette lighters (ideal for charging batteries)

In addition to these, our 4×4 safari vehicles are each fitted with a mini-fridge and inverters (to charge the batteries of mobile phones, laptops, and cameras).

Built with safety and comfort in mind, each safari vehicle is designed to seat a max of 7 passengers but for optimum safari enjoyment, we encourage a max of only 6 passengers, guaranteeing each guest a window seat.

Each safari vehicle offers comfortable seats with seat belts and canvas covers fitted with pockets for water bottles and other handy items.

Well maintained, each vehicle is routinely subjected to an overhaul service after every safari and checked again before the next safari by our very own team of competent mechanics and workshop staff who are on standby round the clock.

Community Participation

We acknowledge that people and nature are inseparable partners, so we work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for all concerned. With the help of our guests, who contribute a levy of US$5 for each night that they stay with us, we’re able to make the most significant positive impact towards our goal of empowering these areas, including the communities and wildlife that they call home

Our Professional Safari Guides


Our safari guides are permanent staff at Nature Discovery; a group of professionals who are passionate about sharing the wonders of northern Tanzania’s rich wildlife and diverse landscapes. They receive training from naturalists, conservation specialists, professional safari guides, wilderness doctors, and even psychologists, on the varied skills that make for superlative safari guiding.