Tanzania Family Safari

Take your loved ones on the most incredible adventure, a family safari in the vast and unspoiled wilderness of East Africa. With a highly skilled guide at your side, discover that the African bush truly is the finest family playground.

Families traveling with Kiwoito Africa Safaris will be warmly welcomed and cared for by our highly experienced on-the-ground teams, who ensure exceptional guest safety and satisfaction across the Tanzania wildlife.

Tanzania Family Safari Important Hints

Family African safaris in Tanzania offer a variety of activities and adventures for everyone, You will have the opportunity to nurture your children’s curiosity when they learn about the ecosystem, where humans and nature coexist in harmony, in a fun and interactive way. Another way to broaden their horizon is to meet the local tribes and learn about their culture, their survival skills, and their crafts. Getting to know the people of Africa can teach children to respect cultural differences and strengthen their faith in humanity. It will give children a memorable insight into the significance of nature and wildlife for generations.

The novelty of a family safari in Tanzania offers the perfect setting to reconnect with each other by sharing memorable experiences. As our safari itineraries are tailor-made and curated according to your needs, we will keep everyone in the family engaged and make your time in Tanzania a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all.

From expert guiding and personal attention to unmatched accommodation and service, everything is focused on planning an African safari experience the entire family will enjoyChildren will love being outdoors, searching for iconic African animals, and experiencing the world as nature intended.

A family safari is a great way to expose your kids to nature and wildlife without worrying about the boredom they may experience on a regular safari tour. Family safaris are tailored to keep everyone excited about being on wildlife and bird-life-spotting safaris alive and interactive.

Some of our camps offer specially tailored activities to keep younger visitors educated and entertained. Among other exciting things, they may learn how to identify animal tracks, go on guided bush walks, and learn about East Africa’s customs.

Getting true value from your holiday investment means having an itinerary that will keep your kids alert and captivated throughout your family adventure. That’s exactly what we can offer you.

When customizing a Tanzania family Safari for kids, we know which activities to include and which to exclude to combine good wildlife sightings with keeping children interested and entertained.

Safari for kids younger than five years old

We don’t recommend taking infants or children younger than five years old on a safari. Most establishments aren’t infant—or toddler-friendly, and the heat and dusty game drives may make your baby uncomfortable.

Less is more on a family safari in Africa.

When arranging family safaris, we divide the day into two parts. During an early-morning game drive, your guide will focus on wild cats and other interesting larger wildlife to ignite your kids’ imagination. This will allow the guide to interact with and involve the children during the drive, keeping their attention. To ensure that the youngsters are kept interested and cheerful, we recommend that you keep driving distances as short as possible or at least break up the day with interesting stops.

During the second part of the day, we introduce an activity outside the vehicle. A short walk, an animal footprint-identifying session, or a game-tracking activity are spot on for sparking interest. Cultural experiences are great safari activities for both kids and parents and make a good change of pace.

Keeping the kids involved on a family safari

Teach your kids how to use binoculars and give them a chance to look for animals and birds. We provide animal and bird checklists to help youngsters list what they have seen and are still looking for.

Why not combine your wildlife safari with some time on the beach, where the family can swim and play? Africa has a string of excellent beach options, and we can easily customize your family safari to incorporate a trip to the seaside.

Accommodation and dining options for a safari with kids

An accommodation with a buffet option is always a family safari favorite, making it easy for kids to eat and drink what they like (and as much of it as they want), and keeping their spirits up and bellies full. A la carte dining is a bit restrictive for children, offering them limited food options.

Every family is different. Speak to us – we’ll design the best possible family safari experience for you and your children.

A Life-changing Experience for Your Family

Enjoy activities built for kids, parents, grandparents, and our most famous cultural and wildlife staples. Soccer matches, Maasai storytellers, wildlife scouting, and legendary landscapes abound on this unforgettable family adventure.

Of all the destinations in the world, we’ll wager that Africa offers the best family safari vacations. Family safari packages in East Africa offer a range of adventure activities in luxury lodges and private safari villas that are perfect for family vacations. Plus, there are plenty of attractions to please everyone: mom and dad, children, grandparents, and even teenagers. The variety and novelty of a family vacation in East Africa provide a rich setting for you to reconnect with one another and a wonderful way for children to learn about nature, encounter completely different cultures, and see wild animals close up in their natural habitat.

Going on a private safari means that your family’s whole itinerary is shaped around their tastes and preferences. It’s the best way to get the most out of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation – nothing beats exploring with a professional guide in a private vehicle at your own pace and focusing on what really interests you all

Why Should I Go On A Tanzania Family Safari?

Tanzania shines as a top pick for family safaris for numerous compelling reasons:

Opting for a Tanzania family safari guarantees a distinctive and enriching journey that caters to each family member’s diverse interests and requirements. The nation’s abundant biodiversity, showcasing iconic wildlife and conservation havens like the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, sets a unique stage for witnessing the annual Great Migration. Tailored kid-friendly activities ensure children partake in educational programs focused on wildlife preservation and local heritage, providing a meaningful and enjoyable adventure.

Beyond wildlife encounters, Tanzania offers immersive cultural experiences with various communities, enabling families to engage with local tribes, delve into traditional customs, and participate in cultural exchanges. The array of safari options, from traditional game drives to walking safaris and exhilarating hot air balloon rides, ensures that adventure awaits every family member. The diverse landscapes, spanning from the expansive Serengeti plains to the captivating Zanzibar beaches, contribute to a truly awe-inspiring experience complemented by the expertise of our seasoned safari guides.

Additionally, Tanzania’s family-friendly accommodations and safe environments enhance the comfort of a family safari adventure, while memorable photo opportunities capture moments with iconic African wildlife. Village visits and tribal experiences with the Maasai, Hadzabe, Datoga, and Iraqw tribes foster cultural appreciation. Sampling traditional cuisine and exploring vibrant markets provide a culinary adventure, and expert guides educate children about wildlife, conservation efforts, and environmental awareness.

We wholeheartedly urge parents to embark on global journeys with their children. By doing so, you are not only traveling the world, you are unlocking the boundless potential of their young minds to embrace diverse cultures, embark on worldwide adventures, and savor a plethora of enriching experiences. Together, you are creating memories that will forever shape, inspire, and broaden their view of the world.

Tanzania’s wilderness becomes an outdoor classroom, offering a unique opportunity for children to apply textbook knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering a lasting love for nature and adventure.

Popular Tanzania Family Safaris Activities for All Ages

Embarking on a Tanzania Family Safaris offers wildlife encounters and many engaging activities suitable for all ages. Here’s a guide to exciting safari activities that ensure every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, has a memorable and enriching experience:


Game drives are the quintessential Tanzania Family Safaris experience. Whether in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, or Tarangire, families can enjoy the thrill of spotting iconic wildlife like lions, elephants, and giraffes from the comfort of a safari vehicle. Since all of our safaris are private, you will have a lot of flexibility regarding the length of the game drives and when you want to head out into the bush.

Some lodges provide specially designed children’s game drives featuring guides who engage younger participants with fun facts, games, and a junior ranger program.


 Families can soar above the vast plains of the Serengeti during a hot air balloon safari. This breathtaking experience offers a panoramic view of the wildlife below and is suitable for the entire family.

  Many balloon safaris also provide special arrangements for children, ensuring their safety and enjoyment during this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


 Exploring the miniature wonders of Tanzania’s ecosystems on guided nature walks is a fantastic way for the family to connect with nature. Guides can tailor these walks for children, focusing on tracking animal footprints, identifying bird species, and sharing exciting stories about the bush. Please note: the minimum age for bush walks is 12 years.


Tanzania Family Safaris gives the opportunity to immerse themselves in Tanzania’s rich cultures by visiting local villages or exploring the historical Stone Town in Zanzibar. These cultural activities include interactive sessions where children can participate in traditional dances and crafts and learn about daily life in Tanzanian communities.

Kiwoito Africa Safaris also offers philanthropic activities such as distributing solar lights and water filters, which allow families to positively impact local communities while experiencing the beauty of Tanzania.


Experience the tranquility of Tanzania’s waterways with a canoe safari, particularly in places like Arusha NP and Lake Manyara NP, offering a captivating experience for children.


Families can embark on trekking adventures in parks like Mahale Mountains or Gombe Stream to observe wild chimpanzees. Guides can adapt trekking routes to accommodate younger family members, ensuring everyone can witness these incredible primates. However, note that the minimum age for families opting for chimp trekking is 12 years in Mahale Mountains National Park and 15 years in Gombe National Park.


Enjoy magical evenings in the bush with open-air dinners or sundowners, creating unforgettable family moments under the African sky. Ask your tour operator to organize special activities for children during these events, such as stargazing or storytelling around the campfire.

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