Drones In Tanzania
drones in Tanzania

Drones In Tanzania Frequently Asked Questions

Are drones allowed in Tanzania?

According to ( TANZANIA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY ) TCAA, drones are allowed in Tanzania, subject to TCAA regulations.

Here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Tanzania:

Every drone in the country must be registered.

Tanzania categorizes drones by weight and by intended use:

Class 1: 0-5 kg
Class 2: 5 kg – 25 kg
Class 3: 25 kg and more
Category 1: leisure and sport
Category 2: private use except for leisure and sport
Category 3: commercial use

Here are the most important rules for flying a drone in Tanzania.

    • Drones weighing less than 7 kilograms (15.5 pounds) are exempt from the permit requirement.
    • To fly a drone weighing more than 7 kilograms (15.5 pounds), the Ministry of Defense requires a special permit.
    • Drones are prohibited from flying within three kilometers (2 miles) of any domestic airport or five kilometers (3 miles) of any international airport.
    • Drones cannot fly higher than 121 meters (400 feet).
    • While flying, drone pilots must maintain a direct visual line of sight with their drones.
    • In Tanzania, drone insurance is required for all drone operations.
    • Drones are not permitted to be flown at night.
    • Without special permission from the TCAA, drones may not be flown over crowds.
    • Drones are allowed to Fly in National Parks under specific permissions

Permit Requirements for Drones in Tanzania?

Only citizens and residents may own a drone.

Importing a drone requires a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA).

Each drone must be registered before being allowed to be flown. This can be done at the TCAA headquarters or the regional offices.

You must complete the registration.

You must show proof of drone possession (for example, a receipt).

Pay a registration fee of US$ 100.

How can you import a drone to Tanzania?

According to the Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018, Part II regulation 6 (1) says:  “A person shall not import an RPAS or a component of an RPAS without a permit issued by the Authority.” This permit is issued only to Tanzania citizens, residents, companies registered in Tanzania, and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The permit of import is for import purposes only; an applicant must make sure to apply for an authorization permit and registration after import.  To get import permit requirements, click here,  and for the import form, click here.

Drones For Travellers

If you’re traveling to Tanzania and want to bring your drone, the TCAA lists these special considerations for foreigners who wish to fly drones:

    • Only drones weighing 7 kilograms (15.5 pounds) or less may be flown in Tanzania.
    • To fly a drone in Tanzania, you must first obtain permission from the TCAA. The form to submit can be found here.
    • To fly a drone in Tanzania for any purpose (i.e., recreational or commercial), you must hold a certificate that authenticates your ability to fly a drone issued by your country of origin.
  • In addition, to obtain a permit from the TCAA to fly a drone in Tanzania as a foreigner, you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Defense and National Service.

Drones Rules in Tanzania National Parks 


Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) do not allow anyone to enter with and or use the drone inside the park. However, such permission may be granted if one requests and obtains a permit from the following authorities.


You need to seek and obtain a permit from:

1. Filming Board of Tanzania
2. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defense
3. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA)
4. Conservation Commissioner-Tanzania National Parks


Application be made to the conservation commissioner attaching copies of the permits from Ministry of Defense, Filming Board, and TCAA

2.1 The permit remains valid where other conditions stated therein are adhered to
2.3 Park management has the right to revoke the permit


3.1 Drone must be flown (operated) not less than 50 meters from the ground
3.2 Drone must NOT be flown in the presence of other unrelated tourists
3.3 Operator must report to the chief park warden before commencing the activity
3.4 Drone must be operated under the supervision of park personnel
3.4 Apart from other relevant park fees, the operator must pay the ranger service fee
3.5 The operator shall pick up and drop off the park personnel (ranger) at the authorized point( office/
ranger post/ residential area/ gate)
3.6 For Serengeti no drones shall be flown during crossing.
3.7 No drones shall be flown in the vicinity of the property (unless owners of the facility

4.1 The operator must unconditionally provide a copy of the final film to the office of the conservation commissioner for noncommercial use.


5.1 Breach of park rules and the said conditions herein will lead to a penalty of not less than
TZS 100,000 (or 100 US$) per offense and confiscation of the drone



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