Zanzibar Beach Holidays

The Zanzibar archipelago consists of more than 50 islands, ranging from tiny outcrops to the larger, more populated islands of Zanzibar more properly called Unguja and Pemba. The beaches are often stunning, with powdery white sand, shaded by palm trees. The sea is shallow, but venture further out into the sparkling, turquoise water, and you’ll find coral reefs for great snorkelling and diving. The larger islands are lush and highly fertile and everywhere the air is suffused with the aroma of fruit and spices: it’s an intoxicating, exotic atmosphere.

Zanzibar Island is known as Africa’s tropical paradise, offering the world’s most beautiful beaches. Miles and miles of white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees, surrounded by the clear azure water of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar Island is part of the Zanzibar archipelago together with Pemba Island and many smaller islands. These islands are also called the Spice Islands because of their rich history in the spice trade and many spice plantations.

Popular as a post-safari choice, a Zanzibar holiday can also be a great stand-alone escape. The main island offers an exceptional diversity of accommodations, from simple beach lodges and small boutique hotels to all-inclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels.

If you’re in search of a remote island getaway, Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast has two other gems: Mafia Island, a long-time favourite of diving aficionados, and the newly accessible hideaway of Fanjove.

Although Zanzibar receives holiday visitors all year round, most people come outside of the main rainy season, when Zanzibar’s weather is at its best, between June and February. This can link in perfectly with a safari in Tanzania, which very broadly shares the same weather pattern.

History Of Zanzibar

A small tropical island of Zanzibar, twenty miles off the east coast of Africa, present-day is infused with African, Arabic, Persians, European, Chinese and Indian influences. Its original settlers were Bantu-speaking Africans. From the 10th century Persians arrived. But it was the Arab incomers, particularly Omanis, whose influence would be paramount. The island has played an important part in local history out of all proportion to its size. The reason is its easy access to traders and adventurers exploring down the east coast of Africa from Arabia. Islam was well established in this region by the 11th century. During the 16th century there is a new category of visitor arriving from the southern Portuguese. They establish friendly relations with the ruler. But in the late 17th century the Portuguese presence comes to an end, after a forceful campaign down the coast by the rulers from Oman.

Zanzibar, a valuable property as the main slave market of the east African coast, becomes an increasingly important part of the Omani empire – a fact reflected by the decision of the greatest 19th-century sultan of Oman, Said bin Sultan, to make it from 1837 his main place of residence. Said builds impressive palaces and gardens in Zanzibar. He improves the island’s economy by introducing cloves, sugar and indigo (though at the same time he accepts a financial loss in cooperating with British attempts to end Zanzibar’s slave trade). The link with Oman is broken after his death in 1856. Rivalry between his two sons is resolved, with the help of forceful British diplomacy, when one of them (Majid) succeeds to Zanzibar and to the many regions claimed by the family on the east African coast. The other (Thuwaini) inherits Muscat and Oman.

By the time Majid dies, to be succeeded in 1870 by his brother Barghash, the British appointed a consul to Zanzibar. His primary task  was to end Zanzibar’s notorious slave trade. That purpose was achieved by a treaty with Barghash in 1873. Britain remained the only colonial power with a well-established presence in Zanzibar itself. With the approval of the sultan the island and its narrow coastal regions declared a British protectorate in 1890. Although only wielding a fraction of their former power, the Arab sultans of Zanzibar still during that colonial period had most influential leaders in east Africa. But their rule came to an end soon after the island’s independence in the 1960s. A new constitution, introduced in 1960, provides for a legislative assembly.

In 1963 the islands regained independence from the British, but upheaval lay around the corner. In January 1964 members of the African majority overthrew the established minority Arab ruling elite. A republic was established and in April the presidents of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, on the mainland, signed an act of union, forming the United Republic of Tanzania while giving semi-autonomy to Zanzibar.

Currently, Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania with semi-autonomous Government with the President, Cabinet, Legislature and Judicial system. The Government is responsible for Non-Union matters.

Peoples And Culture

According to 2019/20 House hold Budget Survey the population for Zanzibar is 1.62 million at an annual growth rate of 2.8%. Its Swahili culture is a hybrid of African, Arabian, Indian and Persian practices. The official languages are Kiswahili and English. Arabic is spoken in selected quarters. The people of Zanzibar are predominantly Muslim. During the holy month of Ramadhan visitors are expected to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in public during day-light hours

Beach holidays

Options for a Zanzibar beach holiday are many, but broadly, the island can be divided into five areas: Nungwi in the north, the east coast, the southeast, the west coast, and a few offshore islands.

Two or three hours’ drive from Stone Town, the village of Nungwi marks the northernmost tip of Zanzibar. Surrounded on three sides by a turquoise-blue ocean, Nungwi has long been a magnet for visitors seeking paradise. Come for some good diving and beaches, and proximity to a lively village where there’s always a lot going on.

Zanzibar’s east coast is lined with long, powder-white beaches. To the north, numerous small resorts boast similar beaches, yet all are quite different. Offshore you find the magical Mnemba Island – the ultimate island lodge for those who can afford it.

Continuing along Zanzibar’s southeast coast, the beaches remain stunning: powder-white sand with a barrier reef, lots of palm trees, and a wide lagoon between the beach and the reef. The villages become a little sleepier and more relaxed as you head south, and Jambiani, in particular, is very relaxed indeed: for an authentic visit to a friendly village, you can’t beat it.
In south-west Zanzibar, the Fumba Peninsula is a very laid-back and friendly corner of the island, with two good lodges, while offshore is the award-winning eco-resort on Chumbe Island.

A 30-minute flight north-east of Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island is comparable in size, but far more traditional in outlook, and visitor numbers here are tiny. Apart from a handful of honeymooners, most come for the diving, which can be excellent – although it’s really best suited to advanced divers.

Equally magical, although not part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, is the Mafia Archipelago. More remote, and quieter, than many places on Zanzibar, Mafia Island offers some superb diving and snorkeling in its own marine park, served by just a few small lodges. And new on the Tanzania beach holiday scene is Fanjove Island, an ideal spot to wind down after a safari in southern Tanzania.

Activities on a Zanzibar beach holiday


Zanzibar is best known for its beautiful beaches and warm sea.Explore the coastal line of Zanzibar by a traditional sailing dhow boat, exploring from the south-west Zanzibar in the renowned Fumba village it will take you along the shores to the best diving spots, where you will put on your snorkeling gear and explore the life you will immerse on, Followed by sandbank play for a folly and swim in a mangrove lagoon.

Followed by boarding the dhow and continue with a delicious and wonderful seafood lunch box in combination with natural fruits

zanzibar sea adventures

                               “Are you ready to experience the sea adventure with KiwoitoAfrica safaris?”


Enjoy a wonderful sea cruise using a traditional dhow depending on the tides whether we have high tides or low tides and get the most out of Zanzibar sunset


Zanzibar sunset dhow


Experience the beauty of Zanzibar from a unique perspective with our horse riding tours, whether you prefer sunrise or sunset ride in stone town, Nungwi or michanvi village we have something which suites all tastes depending with the ocean tides

zanzibar hourse riding


Embark on unforgettable journey to Mnemba island onboarding our luxurious catamaran boat, the breath taking beauty of this tropical paradise will leave you in awe.

It takes 2 hours to reach the island from Nungwi if the wind is favorable we will hoist the sails but if it’s not favourable we will fire up the engines and continue enjoying,you may have an option to use our onboard fishing gear to catch some fish while enjoying snacks and variety of cold drinks while watching dolphins play in our wake.

Upon arrival we’ll drop anchor in a clear lagoon offering you some of the best snorkeling and Scuba diving in Zanzibar.Soak up the sun or swim in the turquoise waters while indulging in a fresh seafood lunch upon the choice of wine,beer or non Alcoholic drinks.


zanzibar dhow


Dive the unexplored with KiwoitoAfricasafaris enjoy snorkeling and Scuba diving with dolphins more than 100 feet diving, 400 fish species and 65000 meters of reef.

With our top qualified team in fishing and diving we offer top-notch service, We created the underwater Experience you can dream of, sea, corals, reefs, dolphins, turtles, fishes and wrecks in Stone Town and the underwater world of the famous Mnemba Atoll in Zanzibar. we have safari guides of the Indian Ocean sharing the fun and freedom of diving while keeping you safe.


zanzibar diving adventure

                                                                 “Be ready for a fun day of diving!”


Experience deep sea fishing experience with our on board fishing gauges across the Indian Ocean.

zanzibar deep sea fishing


Enjoy an amazing underwater exploration Dive into the mesmerizing world beneath the ocean’s surface, where you’ll encounter a stunning array of marine life, from colorful fish to graceful sea turtles.

explore with us unexplored ocean floor with us!

zanzibar submarine safari


Get ready for an off road adventure which will take you through some remote African villages, plantations, viewing baobabs and spice trees, across the fisherman’s village across Zanzibar where Guests will self drive their quad bikes for 4 hours.

zanzibar quad adventure



Embark on exciting water activities including kayak excursion ,jet ski and many more across Zanzibar,This is one of the most good way to experience a side of Zanzibar you did not know including exciting sports as well as entertainment for the families.

zanzibar water activities


Join us on a wonderful trip to discover the beauty of Zanzibar through our bicycle tour.

whether you prefer a day trip or four day cycling trip with us we are flexible and ready to give you out the best.


zanzibar bycycle tour


This is a once in a life time experience in that should not be missed by anyone interested in marine life. Mafia island is one of the few places in the world where whale sharks can be reliably found and considered as one of the top destinations for the whale sharks encounter in the world

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and they are known for their docile nature,making them a safe and enjoyable specie to swim with. On Mafia island visitors have an opportunity to join whale sharks excursions which typically take place from june to December.

zanzibar whale shark


While enjoying Zanzibar let’s take time to visit the popular prison island, curiously this island is not for keeping prisoners but rather it is a very popular giant tortoise reserve with a number of old buildings and snorkel around the coral reefs.

Visiting the giant tortoises’ reserve, explore the old prison building and snorkel around the coral reefs, relax while admiring magnificent peacocks and sometimes you might eventually get a spot of an antelope.

zanzibar prison island


Zanzibar is famed around the world for the quality of it’s spices .

In this tour, you will test and smell different spices that we grow at various farms. You will also learn how we use spices for traditional purposes.

The spices which are found here are used in almost every kitchen on earth including cinnamon,cloves,black pepper,garlic,lemongrass,turmeric,ginger,vanilla,nutmeg and many more

On this tour you will learn on how these spices go on from the farm to our tables also about unorthodox uses for these spices as home remedies.

zanzibar spice tour

                                                           “Are you ready for spicy Zanzibar?”


Ever dreamt of becoming a connoisseur? following a visit to the spice farm you will start cherishing every pod and leaf, join local ladies and men in an outdoor kitchen mastering traditional swahili dishes with the freshest spices ever

Learn how to make coconut milk, use the freshly harvested cassava and fresh collected leaves to make an amazing local dish, Take a seat at a home made table and enjoy the food you prepared.

zanzibar spice cooking


Jozani forest the last forest on the island is today home to a variety of wildlife including the red colobus monkey, the zanzibar leopard , blue monkeys, chameleons,mongoose,tree hyrax,bush pigs,civets and two antelope species endemic to Zanzibar together with a bunch of magnificent plants with remedial properties, Acts as a truly unique way to experience wildlife.

zanzibar jozani forest


Sitting in the waters of the Indian ocean,just a shot from the shore there is this rock,technically it’s an island but truly it’s just a rock and on top of that rock lies a charming,exclusive restaurant that instantly became one of the icons of Zanzibar. Decorated in a simple,local island style,the restaurant specializes in seafood and local tastes,easily meeting high international standards.

The rock restaurant is an ideal place and can be reserved for private events.

zanzibar rock restaurant


Nakupenda beach experience promises a great two-in-one activity visit the nakupenda(I LOVE YOU) Beach enjoying the beautiful sandy beach,put in crystal clear waters indulge in a sumptuous beach lunch featuring a variety of seafood options such as grilled shrimp, squid, octopus, lobster and langoustine (depending on the daily catch) and then head for the prison island

zanzibar nakupenda beach

Sun, sea, and sand

a Zanzibar beach holiday offers these in abundance. Zanzibar’s beaches differ, but almost all feature crystal-clear waters lapping at the edge of powdery-white sand that trickles through the toes. Be aware, though, that off many beaches, especially on the east coast, low tide can reduce the broad, shallow lagoon to a virtually empty puddle, and swimming is often only possible when the tide is in. It is always worth consulting online tide tables, as the daily range along the East African coast varies through each month and typically ranges from around 1 meter to more than 3 meters.

Zanzibar offers some excellent snorkeling, and world-class diving – which is centered around Mnemba Atoll to the north-west, and the Menai Bay Conservation Area, to the island’s south-west. But even if you’re not a water enthusiast, the chance to view the coastline from a traditional wooden dhow is not to be missed.

The team at Kiwoito Africa has visited almost every one of the 250 or so places to stay in Zanzibar to bring you a selection of the best. Some offer exclusivity, at a price; others are all-inclusive beach resorts; still, others are big international beach hotels. Most of Zanzibar’s best places to stay, however, are relatively low-key beach lodges.


Accommodation in Zanzibar

International-style beach hotels are far from the norm in Zanzibar, and those that could be described thus sometimes seem to miss the point and could be anywhere. Service standards on Zanzibar are steadily improving and can be good in a laid-back way, but they don’t usually reach the levels of service that most people would expect from a top international resort in, say, the Caribbean.











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