How To Book Tanzania Safari
How to Book your Tanzania Safari

How To Book Tanzania Safari, How do I go about booking a safari? Many travelers would ask themselves if they have never traveled to Africa.

There is no fixed formula for booking a safari in Tanzania but here is a guideline for booking a safari with Kiwoito Africa Safaris. Our policy is to simplify Tanzania safari planning and booking.

 Steps of how to book a safari in Tanzania

Step 01 – Know What you want to do in Tanzania

It is good to first come up with what you and your travel partners wish to do in Tanzania. Just as you might have seen on our website Tanzania has a lot to offer. It is important to discuss beforehand what you wish to do. A wildlife safari only, A safari combined with Mountain climbing, just hiking, beach extension, or cultural encounters? Such questions should be answered within your mind before sending your inquiry because that makes it even easier to come up with a once for all program.

Step 2 – How much does a safari cost?

Safaris vary in price and it is good to ask yourself first what you wish to spend on safari. What determines the price of a safari is a question many do not have an answer to. Well; how many persons are traveling with you is one attribute. How many adults, how many children, the ages of the children, and how do you wish to share the rooms? Stay in Single rooms the higher the cost, but if you share double/twin rooms or triple rooms then the lower the cost of a safari. The biggest attribute to the cost of safari is however the category of accommodation. Do you want to stay in a budget, or Mid–range, Luxury or High-End lodges and tented camps? Please note that safari-tented camps are as costly as the lodges. By tented camps we mean the Tented rooms with en suite flash toilets and shower bathrooms with the same amenities as the lodges. Do you want to stay at public campsites? The season of travel is also a major attribute to the cost of a safari. Basically in Tanzania, we have:

Peak Seasons; December – March, June –  October

High Season (Shoulder Season); November

Low Season(Green); April and May.

You can visit Tanzania for Luxury safaris in Tanzania or depending on your preference and budget, we can offer you our best Tanzania budget safari packages.

Step 3 – Send an email or fill in our inquiry form or Reach out our WhatsApp Number

incase you have some of the answers to the questions and have the idea above please send an email to us or fill in our inquiry form.

If you have shed enough light on what you need we shall get back to you as soon as possible with a program and price then you are not satisfied with the program you are advised to request changes until you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied, we shall send to you our booking form which you will fill in and send back to us. We shall then send your invoice.

Step 4 – Paying for a Tanzania safari.

Once you have received your invoice, you will be required to send the money transfer a deposit worth 30% of the total amount. This amount we use to secure the reservations of the accommodation, flights, and any other services booked by us. The balance can then be paid the same way at least 14 days before your arrival or if you wish; you can still pay Cash on arrival if you do not mind traveling with money in your pockets.

In case you have any other questions or need any further information about Safari booking you should not hesitate to contact us by email or call our 24-hour hotline.



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