Accommodations in Tanzania range from high-end luxury safari lodges or tented camps and beach resorts with a full range of facilities and entertainment to flea-ridden $10-a-night local town hotels with simple beds and a shared bathroom. Camping is also popular in the parks and brings down the price of an organized safari considerably. Tanzania does operate a star grading system for accommodations, although it is below par with what you would expect from the U.S. or Europe. Generally, you can assume four- and five-star hotels are of a good standard. There is also a clutch of world-class, luxurious, and intimate settings in the parks or on the coast.

Tanzania Accommodations

If you stick to three stars or higher, you can expect clean rooms, a private bathroom with a shower, a swimming pool, and one or more decent restaurants. At the lower end of the scale, the towns offer basic lodgings in one- or two-star hotels that are predominantly used by locals. Budget travelers should look at a room to ensure that the sheets are clean and the plumbing works before committing.

Zanzibar has placed on the beach where vacationers rarely venture out of the confines of their resort but also has some wonderful hotels in Stone Town housed in historic Arabian-style buildings that feature unique Zanzibar-style four-poster beds, Persian rugs, and antique furniture, even at the cheaper end of the scale.

Tanzania Safari Accommodations

Some of the camps we offer are ultimately comfy permanent luxury tented camps, others are small and have superb attention to detail, whilst others are mobile tented camps that ensure you will maximize your chances of witnessing the great migration. Game lodges are also popular options and have a permanent structure with private bandas, lounges, and communal dining. In Zanzibar, boutique lodges with bungalows and villas afford paradise views of the Indian Ocean. Please take a look at some of our favorite accommodation in Tanzania below, from camps and lodges to luxury hotels and beach retreats

There is an incredible variety of accommodation available on a safari and beach holiday in alluring Tanzania, from sumptuous private villas and boutique suites on the Indian Ocean islands like Zanzibar to Hemingway style luxury tents with all possible adornments of gracious living, family farms with warm friendly welcomes, solidly built lodges, unpretentious bush camps, cultural experiences in African bandas, ecologically sound minimal impact accommodations and mobile camps, moving seasonally, or even carried with you on fly-camping expeditions. These surroundings, as practical or as fantastic as you can imagine, offer something to satisfy every dream of authentic travels in Africa


Safari Accommodation & Lodges in Tanzania

Tanzania has several hotels, lodges, and camps located in urban cities, coastal towns, wildlife parks, and reserves as noted below. Select your preferred region to view individual details of your tour accommodation.

Northern Accommodations

1. Serengeti

2. Ngorongoro Crater

3. Tarangire

4. Lake Manyara

5. Arusha

6. Mount Kilimanjaro

7. Rubondo Island

8. Lake Eyasi

9. Lake Natron

10. Lake Victoria In Tanzania

11. Moshi

12. Mwanza

western Accommodations

1. Gombe Stream

2. the Mahale Mountains

3. Katavi

4. Lake Tanganyika

5. Kigoma

Southern Accommodations

1. Nyerere (Selous)

2. Ruaha

3. Mikumi

4. the Udzungwa Mountains

Eastern Accommodations

1. Saadani

2. Zanzibar Island

3. Pemba Island

4. Mafia Island

5. Bagamoyo

6. Kilwa

7. Dar es Salaam

8. Mnemba Island

9. Chumbe Island

10. Chapwani Island

11. Lazy Lagoon Island

12. Fanjove Island