“Acclimatization Site”
Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve has an area of 5,871 at an altitude ranging from 1860 to 3418 meters above sea level. The forests are on an extinct volcanic mountain situated in Katesh town, Manyara Region.
Mount Hanang is the fourth-highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro, Meru, and Olmalasin, with an elevation of 3,676 meters above sea level.

Hanang district is 73 km away from Babati town (region headquarters), where the beautiful Mount Hanang (3,448 m) is located.
In the Hanang District, there are numerous different tribes. Well known are the Barabaig people, whose traditional culture is still unchanged. They follow their procedures for marriage, burial of elderly men, religious rituals, and local taboos.

Their famous honey brew, called Gisuda, is well-known in the area. The Barabaig are a semi-nomadic tribe recognizable by their goatskin garments.

After a 5–6 hour walk through farmland, forest, scrub, and grasslands, you can reach the summit after another 5–6 hours of hiking. A two-day tour is advised.
The mountain is the habitat of leopards, klipspringers, velvet monkeys, olive baboons, dikdik, and a variety of bird species. The mountain features a beautiful catchment forest with a variety of tree species. Mount Hanang scenic view

Mount Hanang (3,423m) is the third-highest peak in Tanzania and arguably the hardest climb. While Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru might be seen as the big challenges due to the multi-day trekking and altitude, there is no
single day on either of those treks with anywhere near the elevation gain of
Mount Hanang.
Rising from the town of Katesh, you will climb 1600 meters over 8.5 kilometers in about five hours. If the sun is out, expect a very tough hike, and if it is cold, you can expect to endure a freezing night at the campsite.
What makes it all worth the effort are the incredible views from the summit over Katesh and Lake Balangida. The sunset and sunrise are truly incredible above the clouds.


Hike Distance

The total distance of the hike is 17.5km out and back (return trip).

Hike Duration

This depends a lot on your speed and how much gear you are carrying. The ascent can be completed in about 5–6 hours, and the descent can be completed in about 3 hours. This depends on your ability to hike uphill with gear. Our total moving time was just six hours and twenty minutes (for the return trip/up and down), according to the Garmin, which doesn’t count any rest breaks or stops or sleeping at the summit.

Hike Difficulty

This trail is quite difficult due to the extreme incline. In 8.5 kilometers, you will ascend more than 1600 meters, and this is done at a high elevation. The hike will reach 3,423m by the time you are at the summit, so expect to be short on breath.

The terrain is rocky and involves a lot of concentration as you step on boulders and rocks, making sure not to slip on the ascent.
and also the descent. There are many sections where you will need to be sure-footed, but not any big drop-offs or moments of
exposure. If you can handle the incline, weather, and cold camping conditions, you are all set for this one.

Hike Incline

1,791 meters


Accessibility to the area is by road either from Dar es Salaam via Dodoma and Manyara (about 800 km) or from Singida town (about 159 km). Visitors arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport can proceed to the reserve, about 270 km via Arusha City.

Mount Hanang is situated above the town of Katesh, in the central-north region of Tanzania. From Arusha, the drive will take you about four hours via car or half a day via public bus.
Once in town, head to the Summit Hotel, which is the unofficial meeting point for guides and hikers. This is also where you will spend the night before and/or after your trek, if you are spending the night.

Ecotourism Activities

Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve has multi-eco and cultural tourist activities such as;

-Traditional Dances
-Traditional Accessorizing
Visiting sacred sites
Local Brew Testing,
Hiking and trailing
-Mountain Climbing
-Game Viewing
-Bird Watching
-Forest Walks

Other tourist attractions found near Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve are Kondoa Rock Art Paintings, Essimingor Nature Forest Reserves, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park.